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Electronics is almost everywhere: Computers, mobiles, lamps, cars, trams, factories etc…

Everybody uses electronics every day.

The invention of a bulb

The first who made th

e light bulb is Thomas Edison. His full name is Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Edison was born in Milan (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931). Was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who de

veloped many devices that greatly influenced life around the Word . His first power station was on Manhattan Island , New York. This is his light bulb.

Videogames are my favorite kind of electronics. When I PLAY a game I forget about school and my problems.


Playstation 3

The best thing about this console is that you can play online. You can play with people all over the world. But first if you want to play online you must register on playstation network. Almost all games are online. M
If you want to buy a game you can buy it online or you can go to a shop. But buying a game online is cheaper. You can also buy some special equipment for the game. Are many controllers on ps3 and this is normal controller. One have name playstation move, it is good controller. You can play tennis like normal real tennis. Are two types of ps3 slim and fat. I have slim.y favorite online game is little big planet, fifa 11, modnation racers and call of duty black ops. Playing online is free.

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