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Geocasching and navigation

1) Geocasching is an activity or a hobby. People look for small treasures. The treasures are in the whole world. Everybody can create his own treasure. The people who created Geocashing must check it. And the treasures are called kška.

Everybody does geocasching and seniors too. I first heard about geocashing when I bought a GPS. Some kešky are difficult to find and some are easy. Sometimes you must watch a film where is some important information. You find the numbers and you can put them into the Navigation. And then you find the treasure.

Najdete je pomocí navigace (GPS) musíte si stáhnout body a přes kabel je dáte do navigace.

I do geocashing and it’s a great fun. I found one keška near a rock near Rakovník and the second keška I found near Berounka. I went there by bicycle. The keška near Berounka I found in a hole. I could not find the first keška near Rakovník but at the end I found it. I like geocashing and I want to do it in the future.

2) Navigation is a great invention. But it isn’t an old invention. It helped people a lot. People don’t have to take big paper maps. It also helps drivers with orientation.

There are many brands of navigations.( Garmin, Tom Tom etc.) There are many types of navigation.( for a car, for a bicycle and for touristic).

Navigations work only if you can see the sky because there is a satelite. This satelite is in the space and sends signal to the navigations. Navigations usually have touch-screens. You only have to write the adress and the navigation will show yout the way. Some navigations react on your voice. You only say the adress and it will show you the way. Some navigations also talk to you. They tell you when to go right and when to go left. You can also choose the voice.(a woman, a man…)

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