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Holidays broad

1. Italy – popsat celé

2. Co mě baví co ne

– Ne : nakupování, ne příliš mnoho procházek,

– Ano: bazén, moře , památky, kupovat věci na člun, ježdění na lodi,


I was first abroad in Tunis. I was 4. I brought a souvenir from there. It was a puppy and small drums.

How do I travel with my family to Italy?

We always travel at night. Because we arrive in the morning and we can go to the sea. I have a little sister and she sleeps during the night. During the day she would cry. We always travel by car. I don’t like traveling very much but I enjoy watching our small car-TV and playing PSP.


My favorite vacation is in Italy. We go to Italy every year. We always go to the same place. I love Italian food. My favorite Italian food is pizza and lasagna. Every night we go for an excellent Ice cream. The funniest thing for me is bathing in the swimming pool. There are many possibilities what to do. There is a very big golf field.

Czech families abroad

Before 1989 the Czech Republic was a Part of the Soviet Union. People could not travel where they wanted. They could travel only to countries of the Soviet Union. If a family wanted to go to the sea for holidays they didn’t go to Italy but to Yugoslavia. Because Yugoslavia was a part of the Soviet Union but Italy wasn’t.

Now people can go on holidays everywhere. In summer people often go to the south to the sea. In winter people usually go skiing to the mountains. The best places for skiing in Europe are in the Alps (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France).

Traveling by a plane

Traveling by plane is very fast. It is not very expansive but traveling by car is cheaper. If you want to travel by a plane you have to buy a ticket. You can book the ticket on the internet. It is cheaper and it’s easy. But you always have to wait a long time at the airport. There are many security measures.

Summer winter autumn spring

East west north south

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