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  1. BenoitGONCALVES
    RT @Boursorama: Photo: la Bourse de #NewYork, barricadée par des sacs de sable. Elle sera de nouveau fermée auj http://cnnmon.ie/W1EAmV http://pic.twitter.com/c7azcxhu
  2. MariahDays
    Manhattan goes dark 6 MILLION without power 16 dead as Superstorm Sandy t… #MailOnline http://bit.ly/UcNqrh http://pic.twitter.com/cxDId9JT
  3. Pramod1959
    RT @ThoughtCatalog: Insane shot of #Sandy waters flooding a subway station. Liveblog here: http://tcat.tc/ToVokk http://pic.twitter.com/BcA2NO6P
  4. OneindiaGallery
    Updates on #Hurricane #Sandy 2012 Disaster Pictures http://bit.ly/W1DUOt http://pic.twitter.com/NTmGWyU9
  5. AnneKhalifa
    So this guy ‚Gangnam Style‘-bombed a Hurricane Sandy news reporter’s broadcast: http://on.mtv.com/S8OInk http://pic.twitter.com/ZrFOQY8I
  6. himuhimusan
    RT @ikazombie: ちょwwwNYがリアル インデペンデンスデイwww http://doubtfulnews.com/2012/10/hoax-hurricane-sandy-photo/ http://pic.twitter.com/TerjwuwZ
  7. thathrlady
    “@ThoughtCatalog: Submerged/floating cars, NYC financial district via @raywert. of #Sandy here: http://tcat.tc/ToVokk http://pic.twitter.com/XkNNXVCw”
  8. GeordiegirlUS
    Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy October 2012 http://pic.twitter.com/DP3IjTOQ
  9. Middletownpress
    Hurricane Sandy leaves millions without power on East Coast, trail of chaos in New York City. http://www.middletownpress.com/articles/2012/10/30/news/doc508fb697420c7530406470.txt … http://pic.twitter.com/ErCy9p7l

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