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MEDICINE-Nowany years ago. They didn’t use any anaesthetic ,so you felt everything. When you had anything with your leg or arm, doctor cut your leg or arm with a normal saw. Some doctors didn’t have surgeries or any hospitals, some doctors worked on the street, but every doctors didn’t clean their instruments. Everything was there dirty. It was a terrible.

Nowadays it’s a luxury. Everywhere is hospital with a clean surgery, with an operating room, with m

any doctors and with many and cleans instruments. Now we have ambulances to transports patients. Nowadays doctors gave you anaesthetic , so you feel nothing. Nowadays doctors can transplant various organs. Doctors use modern instruments should : X-ray, ultrasound, chemical analyze of blood etc. Today it is good.


Transport in the past was very slow. Transport was slower but they didn’t need diesel. In the past they used this: horse, steam machine, ship ,bicycle ,hot air balloon. First they used animal power. Latter people in the past began used steam power. Transport in the past not burdened nature.

Transport- Now

Communication-PastNowadays is transport very fast. To drive vehicles are used primarily petroleum products. We mostly use: cars, buses, airplanes, cruisers, trains, etc. People today can’t do without transportation. For the transportation goods is mostly used shipping and truck transport. For passenger transport is mostly used cars, buses, airplanes. Today’s transport but burdens the natural environment.

In the past weren’t any phones and any computers. Communication in past was very slowly. Previously people use to communicate letters and smoke signal. Later they began using the telegraph with Morse code, telex and old phones like this:

Nowadays is communication very fast. Today we using phones and computers. Today the whole world is interconnected computer networks. This network’s name is internet. This network uses a communications satellite and submarine cable. But still use the letter.

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